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WordPress Pros & Cons

From letting bloggers to start blogging for free to becoming on of the most popular content management system in the past 20 years, where is WordPress heading?

Over the last decade, we have built many websites and eShop using WordPress, one of the most popular content management system that was used by 40% of all websites on the Internet, for some good reasons.


As a web developer and designer, we like to use PHP and MySQL which is a cost-effective solution for creating websites because they are both open-source software. 

Popularity and Continued Development

Since 2003, WordPress has continued to develop, transforming from a simply blogging platform to one of the most popular content management system. Due to its popularity and open-source programming language, tens of thousands of plug-ins (free and premium) are available to enhance the features and functionalities of the websites.  

Lower Cost

WordPress has been a cost-effective solution to many small-medium sized companies and startups to start a presence on the Internet in the past twenty years. The available templates and plugins have saved a lot of our development time which translate into faster delivery and lower costs for our clients.


However, major customization is needed to to create a unique and professional corporate or eCommerce site. As we work on different themes and plug-ins created by different developers, we had to overcome a lot of challenges because every theme or plugin was developed differently. They may or may not work. Some plug-ins may even have conflicts. All these unknown factors may slow down the development process and incur higher costs.